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Who uses TTS

Posted by Genesis Johnson on

Text to speech technology converts your text into a spoken speech. Although TTS is accessible to everyone, it started out with people with visual impairments and learning disabilities. In most parts of the world one out of 5 people suffer from dyslexia, learning disabilities and low literacy levels.  The software was created to remove the reading stress in people of this group and present the information easily and optimally.  It creates accessibility to the internet for more individuals. Content creators and owners who are forward minded have published them to make their sites and web pages a place for all people. Text to speech has also been adopted in building elevators, and wheelchairs to make travel more convenient for the disabled. Students use the TTS software to learn using both visual and audio formats that helps them retain more information. Teachers have started promoting the use of visual and auditory kinaesthetic to help students learn more in class.

For bookworms who do not have enough time in a day to hold a book, the software has made it easier for you to finish your novel, read some news, and catch up on a few articles, journals and audio books. Music lovers use text to speech online mp3 for Dj to add some voice over in their songs and mixes. Multitasking has never been easier; you can cook, clean, drive and do so many other things while you are reading something from the internet. You may have noticed that a few elderly people will not upgrade from their button and flip phones because they can’t afford to strain on modern Smartphone. Now, they can get a more modern Smartphone and won’t have to strain when they have the TTS software installed. Visually impaired no longer need to strain their eyes and become even blinder, they can use the TTS on their phones for an easier communication. Just like all the rest, foreign language students won’t be left out when communicating with other people. The TTS offers a multilingual service where you can translate foreign languages or learn them faster.