Simple etiquette for a shared Seedbox

When you are sharing a server with your neighbours, everyone should make sure they are not doing anything to upset the others. Continually seeding from the same Seedbox is a bas as one of you would be constantly hogging the bandwidth. When you are seeding on private trackers you will not have to worry that much, it is on public trackers then you could consider seeding on a lower ratio.  The exception is when you are seeding old content, you have several torrents with smaller ratios and you are the only seeder; this will not give you any traffic. Always consider the other when you are seeding, ensure you so not go over the quota for a longer time. Sometimes, you may still get traffic even when you are downloading older content especially when you have too many things seeding simultaneously.

You can make it convenient for the others by limiting the torrents to a lower speed rate. This reduces the bandwith use and other people won’t have to wait too long to use it.  Keep in mind that, this will only work if you are seeding 100 torrents using a 1 gigabyte server to download. Otherwise, you can choose to pause it and wait for off times.  This issue is common in servers with unlimited bandwidth. It’s not common for people with limited bandwidth to seed public trackers; they will take up a lot of bandwidth for a little cause.  Private trackers offer you some ration; seeding incentive will be present but not common which means you are not hogging it constantly. Some trackers may require a 1;1 seeding ratio on the torrent. Seeding public torrents on this kind of tracker can lead to endless hogging.  You can limit the seeding ratio to a maximum of 3 so the others can have a chance to seed.